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Virtual Reality and game reviews

"Life... on the other side"

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Best VR Game of 2020

Experience Half-Life: Alyx - The most immersive action-packed VR game ever created.

Cyber Generation Unknown

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BEST OF YOUTUBE - Weekly picks

The Walking Dead Onslaught

The Walking Dead Onslaught invites players to assume the roles of their favorite survivors from the TV series, struggling against the relentless walker threat while confronting both the horrors and humanity of this apocalyptic world.

What's it like?

Teslasuit - Full body AR VR Haptic Suit

Once upon a time VR was a fanciful future vision that existed only in films and gamers’ imaginations. Nowadays, however, Virtual Reality has come to life and is a very real gaming phenomenon thanks to the likes of VR headsets like Oculus Rift.

Teslasuit review

Manus VR Prime Haptic Glove

Manus have brought out a range of VR reality gloves, their Prime series, with each having its own different qualities and experience within the VR worlds available. Manus offers a great deal of competition for other brands with VR gloves especially with its Prime Haptic gloves. The Prime Haptic is Manus’s flagship product in this Prime series.

Manus VR review

VR Headsets

Choosing the right virtual reality headset starts here...

“Which headset should you choose?” With the ever expanding amount of virtual reality headsets (HMD's) now available (56 was our last count) it's no wonder that it's hard to decide which to go for. With help from our team of gaming monomaniacs, our exclusive VR Headset Comparison Chart, user ratings and comments, we're confident you'll make the right choice. Read more on finding the right headset here

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Cyber Generation Unknown

Cyber Generation Unknown

In the span of a couple generations, advances in technology have drastically altered our society. A whole generation of children has already been raised as ‘digital natives’ who can’t remember a time before iPads, let alone a family computer. Since the birth of smartphones, and the spread of social media, we’ve rapidly experienced the best, and worst that this new era has to offer.

Although they have many benefits, this unprecedented degree of connectivity has made us deeply vulnerable. There are several consequences that we’re only comprehending now; years after we blindly embraced this new tech. They range anywhere from low self-esteem, to democracies being shaken by malicious Tweets. As the lines of reality are blurred, the digital world has gone from being a mere portion of our lives, to a form of ‘virtual reality’ in its own right.

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The History and Evolution of Virtual Reality

The History and Evolution of Virtual Reality

You might think that virtual reality (VR) is a relatively new phenomenon, sparked by the success of the Oculus Rift. But actually, VR has been around in some form or another since the early 1960s. Since research into VR has always been decades ahead of general release, unfortunately a lot of its history has fallen to the wayside. We’ll explore these fascinating advances in technology, starting with VR’s inception in the 1960s. We’ll look at the many strides forward in the 70s and 80s, like the mother of Google Maps. We’ll even discuss what’s best forgotten; the VR gaffes in the 90s that almost killed public appetite for the technology! Then, we’ll look to the state of VR today, and examine public response. Lastly, we’ll look to the future, and consider how VR will grow; at home, and in the workplace. This is a truly exciting time for VR, with promising new technology right around the corner.

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Best VR Games

Best VR Games

Half-Life: Alyx. The best VR game 2020

Half-Life: Alyx. The best VR game 2020

Half-Life: Alyx - Experience the best VR game of 2020 in this action-packed First-Person Shooter. A must-have game for VR enthusiasts. Take on the role of Alyx in this visually stunning, graphical masterpiece. Explore the back alleys of City 17, scavenge for resin, find and upgrade your weapons, solve puzzles and engage in combat.

Become an Asgardian God

Become an Asgardian God

This award winning, AAA RPG action-adventure game offers up to 40 hours of incredibly immersive VR game-play. Asgard’s Wrath allows you to transform yourself from a mere mortal in to a God to solve intricate puzzles and battle mythical beasts of all kinds.

Robo Recall

Robo Recall

Robo Recall. An action-packed, fast-paced FPS, with a somewhat similar premise to the hit movie I, Robot. Although Robo Recall is an arcade game at heart, it does a decent enough job of setting up the story. Set in the distant future where robots have become commonplace, you take on the role of Agent 34, a robot recaller working for the Robo-Ready corporation. You’ve been sanctioned to recall (read: destroy) defective rogue robots after a deadly computer virus has rendered them insane.

Hello Sunshine!

Hello Sunshine!

Arizona Sunshine is a first person, VR Zombie shooter like no other. Play solo, or co-op style with a buddy. Guided by the occasional radio transmission. You not only have to survive the burning sunshine and the desert’s grueling conditions, you need to scavenge weapons to protect yourself from waves of zombies.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

New Orleans is at war. The living are not just fighting the dead, but also imposing suffering and brutality upon each other. As bodies stack up between conflicting factions, whispers spread of a long-lost mystery in the city that could change the tide of the war. Will you be able to survive while caught in the middle of this conflict? Can you untangle the secrets and mystery that is behind it all? The fate of the city and its survivors rests in your hands.

Moss VR Game Review

Moss VR Game Review

Moss is a highly recommended VR game for all ages and is rated and hyped by many, as a must-have game for VR. The game is graphically stunning and beautiful in many ways. The interactions with the character and the puzzles alike, makes Moss VR a platform adventure game like no other.

VROne Latest News

Latest News


The HP Reverb G2 Omnicept is an exciting, revolutionary VR headset. The HMD is primarily tailored towards developers in order to create applications and new experiences, such as Apps - giving businesses a better understanding of the trainee’s performance and ability to make decisions. With the addition of biometric data, these apps can be used to deliver real-time insights into a user’s state of mind, such as their cognitive load - or, more simply put: an insight into their stress levels and the eventual effect of this on their performance.

Interview with Alex Moretti, CEO of Fallen Planet Studios

Interview with Alex Moretti, CEO of Fallen Planet Studios

If you’ve ever been to a VR arcade, you’ve probably already run into Fallen Planet Studios’ work. Their hair-raising games and VR experiences have terrified fans the world over - and now they’re back with a new DLC. Read on, if you dare…

Finger Gun: The world’s first FPS using hand-tracking

Finger Gun: The world’s first FPS using hand-tracking

Get the full story in our interview with co-founder of Miru Studio, Eneko Barandiaran, where he discusses Finger Gun and the technology that made it possible.

Best SSD for gaming

Best SSD for gaming

With the ever increasing size of games, the demand for faster data access has become more important - after all no one wants to sit there for 5 minutes waiting for a game to load. Depending on your budget, the bigger the hard drive the better, certainly if you’re into VR games, as they generally take up a lot of space. We recommend a minimum drive size of two terabytes (2 TB). Choosing the right type of drive is just as important, and you also have to consider the cost.

VROne Articles

Interesting Stuff!

Half-Life: Alyx - Beating the Enemy

Getting frustrated with the enemies in Half-Life Alyx? Finding it difficult to kill those Armored Headcrabs, or stuck on beating Jeff?. We'll fret not! Whatever your enemy, this article provides the best tips on how to beat the various enemies you're likely to encounter in Half-Life: Alyx.

These aren't just any ordinary Vodka bottles!

In update 1.4, Valve introduced some nifty physics into the mix and added liquid to the bottles, further adding to the realism of the game… as if the game wasn’t brilliant enough!

Best VR games

Half-Life Games | A Walk Down Memory Lane

Half-Life was born in 1998. It was Valve's very first 'First-person Shooter' (FPS). The game won over 50 Game of the Year awards and its gameplay influenced First-person shooter game...

DLSS 2.0

Nvidia RTX and DLSS 2.1

Nvidia announced the pending launch of DLSS 2.1, which supports the highest HDMI 2.1 link rate of 12Gbs/lane across all 4 lanes, and supports Display Stream Compression (DSC) to be ab...

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Gaming Accessories

The latest accessories for your rig

Whatever you want out of your gaming experiences, adding extra accessories can really enhance your gameplay. But as always, choosing the right gear to go with your rig can be daunting to say the least... Nevertheless, we're here to help by providing you with a run-down of some of the best and latest gaming accessories on the market, as well as guidance on where to find them and at the best prices.

Fully Immersive Experience

Get a real sense of touch with some great VR add-ons, artificially created by applying forces or vibrations to your hands and body. From full haptic suits and vests, touch-sensitive gloves, VR treadmills to bizarre gaming controllers, that look and feel like you're using a real gun!

VR Gaming at a whole new level

Experience some of the latest and best VR games

Best VR Games

Read the reviews and rate the games you love
VR Games and Reviews

Which headset

Which VR headset should I buy?

Well… choosing the best VR headset to buy is a bit of an open question really. First you need to consider what you’re going to use it for. If you’re a PC gamer you may want to consider the current leaders; Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive Cosmos, HP Reverb G2 or the Valve Index. If you're a fan of game consoles, PlayStation VR or Xbox VR would be a good choice - that's if Microsoft ever get around to deciding on an HMD manufacturer, such as HP, or whether they'll just make their own.

For those that just want to see what all the hype is about before taking the plunge, a good starting point would be the Samsung Gear VR©, starting from as little as £35... However, you’ll need a compatible mobile phone, such as a Samsung S6, S7, S8 and up. For owners of the iPhone©, Apple© has yet to develop something of their own, nevertheless there are compatible HMD's available for the iPhone©, such as the Destek V4 VR or a slightly cheaper alternative, the VR Shinecon.  P.S. There are rumors that Apple© are developing a AR/VR headset and that's said to be compatible with their next iPhone© release, although this won't drop until 2021, if at all!

To conclude

Mobile users on a very tight budget; If you're totally new to VR and fancy just dipping your toe in, but don't want to fork-out hundreds of pounds on a headset, borrow one from a friend. The alternative is purchasing an inexpensive cardboard headset. These face-slicing beauties can be snatched-up for as little as £6, so if it's not for you, it's no biggie; simply biff it for recycling!
Mobile Samsung Gear© headsets; Still in an affordable price bracket, yet far more comfortable than any cardboard cut-out (notice the pun?) version. The Samsung Gear and Galaxy are very popular with Samsung mobile phone lovers. There are about 800 apps in total, ranging from games to experimental experiences.
iPhone© users; If you own an iPhone, the Destek V4 VR headset is the headset for you. It's pretty universal, in that it works with most iPhones and a fairly wide array of Samsung mobile phones. The Destek V4 is the new kid on the block, competing with all the other major mobile HMD manufacturers. Destek also have another headset specifically for Daydream smartphones, such as the Google Pixel / Pixel XL/Pixel 2.
All in one, wires free headset; The Oculus© Quest 2 is an amazing universal headset that can either work as a standalone, un-tethered, virtual reality headset, (i.e. no wires to trip over!) or it can be connected to a PC via "Quest Link" giving you full access to both the Oculus Home and Oculus Dash interfaces, including every Oculus Rift / S game. Used as a standalone headset, VR content is stored on a memory drive in the device itself. The Quest 2 comes in two versions, the standard 64GB or 256GB for the hard-core gamer. It utilises a single-striped, LCD RGB display, offering a whopping resolution of 1832 x 1920p per eye.
PC Tethered Headset; Currently, tethered headsets are considered the norm in the world of VR. It can be quite tricky to decide which one to buy as there are simply so many to choose from. Both the Oculus© and HTC© Vive are mid to high-end head mounted displays (HMDs). There's a lot of controversy regarding which of these is best... "The war continues".
Best Resolution Headset; For those after the best possible resolution, the HP Reverb G2 is a no-brainer. The G2 is HP's latest PC, Mixed Reality VR headset. No base-stations are required as the headset uses inside-out tracking, similar to the Rift S and Cosmos. The Reverb G2 is a vast improvement over its predecessor, the G1, with improved controllers, comfort and manual IPD adjustment. As far as resolution goes, it's said that the G2 has the best picture quality out of any other VR headset currently on the market. with a whopping resolution of 2160 x 2160px per eye, providing a combined resolution of 4,320 x 2160px - blowing the socks off any of the leading VR headsets. It is expected to launch mid September this year for around £525 / $599.
Best and most expensive; If you are a hardcore gamer, money isn't an issue and you simply want the very best gaming experience, the Valve Index, HTC Cosmos, HP Reverb G2 and the Pimax 5K are all good contenders. However, making the wrong choice could be a costly affair unless you have an endless pit of cash at your disposal.