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VR Events

HP Keynote Announcement: Driving the Next Evolution of VR

HP Keynote Announcement: Driving the Next Evolution of VR

Sep 25, 2020

HP has an exciting announcement about their latest VR headset, the Reverb G2, and you could be one of the first to know. Don’t miss out on the HP Keynote Announcement: Driving the Next Evolution of VR, from the VR/AR Global Summit on the 30th September 2020. Founder and owner of VROne.co.uk ‘Pedro’, will be participating in the event, hoping to learn more about HP’s exciting news on HP’s latest VR headset and asking the HP experts penetrating questions about his concerns.

HP announces new Shipment update for HP Reverb G2

Aug 20, 2020

It's been officially announced; HP has notified VR enthusiasts of the new shipment update for the HP Reverb G2. Originally set for shipment mid September, gamers now won't receive their new HP Reverb G2 until mid November / December 2020.

Interview with Alex Moretti, CEO of Fallen Planet Studios

Aug 11, 2020

If you’ve ever been to a VR arcade, you’ve probably already run into Fallen Planet Studios’ work. Their hair-raising games and VR experiences have terrified fans the world over - and now they’re back with a new DLC. Read on, if you dare…

Graphic Cards

Nvidia Ampere - GA102 - 3080

The next Generation GPU: Nvidia Ampere

Jul 22, 2020

The newest and fastest graphics card (GPU) yet. Check out the keynotes, specs, performance and release date of Nvidia's latest GPU.

Rumoured - New VR and AR Headset Releases

Jul 17, 2020

Rumours have been swirling about two major VR releases on the horizon: one from HP, and one from Apple - which would be its first foray into the world of VR. Will this replace the Quest?


HR Director gives birth to triplets

Back from caternity leave with three little bundles of joy

Jul 13, 2020

Our beloved HR manager Bubbles has returned from caternity leave with three little bundles of joy - (Cosmos, Index, Quest). Since her first day back in the office, she’s been teaching them the ins and outs of the world of VR. Read on to follow Bubbles and her kittens as they explore the latest headsets and gadgets - all while pestering their human coworkers!

Graphic Cards

GPU Troubleshooting

Graphics Card Troubleshooting

Jun 28, 2020

If your graphics card is playing-up you may want to perform some checks before you go shelling out hundreds of pounds on a new one. We’ve laid out some handy tips for troubleshooting common GPU problems and hope they'll help you reach a conclusion as to whether it's time to replace it.

Graphic Cards

graphics cards

The Best Graphics Cards for VR and gaming

Jun 28, 2020

Virtual reality is swiftly becoming the future of gaming. The technology is still relatively new, but is developing at breakneck speeds, making VR experiences better and more realistic as time goes on and as better-quality hardware becomes available. Setting up your system is a fundamental part of VR gaming and you need to make sure that you have the right components, the most important being the graphics card.

VR Accessories

Solid State Storage

Best SSD for gaming

May 31, 2020

With the ever increasing size of games, the demand for faster data access has become more important - after all no one wants to sit there for 5 minutes waiting for a game to load. Depending on your budget, the bigger the hard drive the better, certainly if you’re into VR games, as they generally take up a lot of space. We recommend a minimum drive size of two terabytes (2 TB). Choosing the right type of drive is just as important, and you also have to consider the cost.

VR Accessories

Controller batteries

The best VR Controller battery

May 24, 2020

Eneloop by Panasonic is the next generation battery, one that is kind to the environment. The batteries are becoming more and more popular and are now sold in over 80 countries around the world. The Eneloop Pro range has a minimum 2500mAh (AA), and a maximum 2550mAh (AA) per battery, and can be charged up to 500 times, now that is impressive!