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Robo Recall - An action-packed VR FPS, built by Epic Games exclusively for the Oculus.

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VR Headsets and game reviews


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Choosing the right virtual reality headset starts here...

“Which headset should you choose?” With the ever expanding amount of virtual reality headsets (HMD's) now available (56 was our last count) it's no wonder that it's hard to decide which to go for. With help from our team of gaming monomaniacs, our exclusive VR Headset Comparison Chart, user ratings and comments, we're confident you'll make the right choice. Read more on finding the right headset here

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Whatever you want out of your gaming experiences, adding extra accessories can really enhance your gameplay. But as always, choosing the right gear to go with your rig can be daunting to say the least... Nevertheless, we're here to help by providing you with a run-down of some of the best and latest gaming accessories on the market, as well as guidance on where to find them and at the best prices.

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Which headset

Which VR headset should I buy?

Well… choosing the best VR headset to buy is a bit of an open question really. First you need to consider what you’re going to use it for. If you’re a PC gamer you may want to consider the current leaders; Oculus and HTC Vive. If you're a fan of game consoles, PlayStation VR or Xbox VR would be a good choice - that's if Microsoft ever get around to deciding on an HMD manufacturer or whether they'll just make their own.

For those that just want to see what all the hype is about before taking the plunge, a good starting point would be the Samsung Gear VR©, starting from as little as £35... However, you’ll need a compatible mobile phone, such as a Samsung S6, S7, S8 and up. For owners of the iPhone©, Apple© has yet to develop something of their own, nevertheless there are compatible HMD's available for the iPhone©, such as the Destek V4 VR or a slightly cheaper alternative, the VR Shinecon.  P.S. There are rumors that Apple© are developing a VR/AR headset and that's said to be compatible with their next iPhone© release, although this won't drop until mid 2020, if at all!

To conclude

Mobile users on a very tight budget; If you're totally new to VR and fancy just dipping your toe in, but don't want to fork-out hundreds of pounds on a headset, borrow one from a friend. The alternative is purchasing an inexpensive cardboard headset. These face-slicing beauties can be snatched-up for as little as £6, so if it's not for you, it's no biggie; simply biff it for recycling!
Mobile Samsung Gear© headsets; Still in an affordable price bracket, yet far more comfortable than any cardboard cut-out (notice the pun?) version. The Samsung Gear and Galaxy are very popular with Samsung mobile phone lovers. There are about 800 apps in total, ranging from games to experimental experiences.
iPhone© users; If you own an iPhone, the Destek V4 VR headset is the headset for you. It's pretty universal, in that it works with most iPhones and a fairly wide array of Samsung mobile phones. The Destek V4 is the new kid on the block, competing with all the other major mobile HMD manufacturers. Destek also have another headset specifically for Daydream smartphones, such as the Google Pixel / Pixel XL/Pixel 2.
All in one, wires headset; The Oculus© Quest is an amazing universal headset that can either work as a standalone, un-tethered, virtual reality headset, (i.e. no wires to trip over!) or it can be connected to a PC via "Quest Link" giving you full access to both the Oculus Home and Oculus Dash interfaces, including every Oculus Rift / S game. Used as a standalone headset, VR content is stored on a memory drive in the device itself, The headset comes in two versions, the standard 64GB or 128GB for the hard-core gamer. Early next year Oculus will also be bringing finger tracking to the Quest.
PC Tethered Headset; Currently, tethered headsets are considered the norm in the world of VR. It can be quite tricky to decide which one to buy as there are simply so many to choose from. Both the Oculus© and HTC© Vive are mid to high-end head mounted displays (HMDs). There's a lot of controversy regarding which of these is best... "The war continues".
Best and most expensive; If you are a hardcore gamer, money isn't an issue and you simply want the very best gaming experience, the Valve Index, HTC Cosmos and the Pimax 5K are all good contenders. However, making the wrong choice could be a costly affair unless you have an endless pit of cash at your disposal.