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Games (VR)|Arizona Sunshine 2

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Posted on: Wednesday, Sep 27th 2023 - 12:26:pm


Hello VR enthusiasts,

Vertigo Games, the developer behind the popular VR zombie shooter 'Arizona Sunshine,' has been on a journey to refine the undead-slaying experience in the virtual world. While their recent release, After the Fall, showcased stunning graphics, it faced a fair share of challenges upon launch, including linear gameplay and various issues.

However, Vertigo Games appears to have taken these lessons to heart. Rather than resting on the laurels of their successful title Arizona Sunshine, they've been hard at work on its highly anticipated sequel, aptly named Arizona Sunshine 2, released December 7th 2023.

Arizona Sunshine 2 emerges almost seven years after the original game's release, and it's shaping up to be a significant leap forward in the world of VR zombie shooters. The sequel promises a host of improvements across the board, aiming to deliver a more immersive and intense experience for players.

One of the first things players will notice is the enhanced fidelity throughout the game. Vertigo Games has overhauled the environments, making them look better than ever. Expect more detailed, eerie landscapes that truly immerse you in the post-apocalyptic Arizona setting.

Of course, what's a zombie game without zombies? Arizona Sunshine 2 introduces a new cast of undead horrors that are more realistic and fearsome than ever before. These gruesome foes will test your survival skills to the limit.

For those who enjoy getting up close and personal with the undead, the game offers an expanded arsenal of melee weapons, including the exciting addition of a flamethrower. You'll have plenty of opportunities to take on the hordes in style.

Vertigo Games has also amped up the gore system, promising more gruesome visuals when you dispatch zombies. Prepare for visceral, satisfying combat as you hack, shoot, and burn your way through the undead.

While Arizona Sunshine 2 maintains its first-person VR action-horror roots in the sun-soaked Arizona desert, it introduces some new dynamics. Players can still venture solo, but now they have the option to team up with friends via online co-op play. Additionally, a trusty companion, a loyal canine called 'Buddy,' will be there to assist you in your fight for survival.

With Arizona Sunshine 2, Vertigo Games recapture the magic of the original but also raise the bar for VR zombie shooters. Get ready to face the undead in an entirely new way. Arizona Sunshine 2 is shaping up to be a must-play for VR enthusiasts and zombie-slaying aficionados alike. The game was released on the 7th December 2023.

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