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Games (VR)|Cyberaction Arena from VIRTUACTIONS (UFA)

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Posted on: Friday, Feb 5th 2021 - 3:19:am

Virtual arena is a designed multiplayer shooter with free roam, integrated in the prepared room. The game is uploaded through the connection to headsets via a remote server of the company with a unique number. There is a special address for every arena. This address leads to the location that was chosen by the operator for struggle. Powerful routers are installed in the room. These routers provide a good connection, and the perimeter of the arena is equipped with tracking strips, providing the initial basis for the device. Before the arena launching the headsets are calibrated by operators and read the entire perimeter through their external cameras. The placement of standard arena can vary from 60 to 400 m2, that allows 4- 10 players to participate at a time.

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