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Games (VR)|Half-Life: Alyx | Lightning Dog

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Posted on: Sunday, Jun 7th 2020 - 11:09:am

Lightning Dog

The Lightning Dog - not resembling a dog in any way apart from it being on all fours. This nasty piece of work is probably one of the smartest and fastest movers of the Headcrab species. They scurry around at super speeds, emitting blots of lightning from their body in almost every direction. If you happen to be in the path and get caught by the shocks they give off, then you'll become momentially paralised, losing a fair bit of health at the same time.

What makes the Lightning Dog stand-out from all the other headcrabs is that it has a unique defence system and when threatened, which doesn't take much, it will cloak, surrounding itself within a haze of electrical fog. So invisible right?  Not quite… they can still be spotted. As it passes nearby objects it creates a loud and bright electrical discharge, giving away it’s location. You'll end up running frantically around while the little cretin mucks you.

Lightning Dogs are very tough and take a lot to kill. They can cause a lot of damage with electrical attacks, so be prepared! Just make sure your guns are fully loaded and you have a grenade ready to go. It will take five shots from the shotgun to kill a Lightning Dog. Once killed and as a reward, the lightning dog will drop a ‘Reviver’, an organic battery cell which operates the same way as a regular Combine battery and even fits into the same battery slots.

Killing the Lightning Dog

The best way to kill the Lightning Dog is with grenades, however, becasue the Lightning Dog is constantly moving you'll probably just end up wasting it. Your alternative, and probably the best option is the shotgun.

Lightning Dog Zombie

Technically a Lightning Dog Zombie is a Lightning Dog that has occupied a corpse. It’s a fairly challenging enemy, in that you need to kill both the Zombie and the Lightning Dog whilst avoiding the deadly electrical attacks.

Tip: The best way to kill the Lightning Dog Zombie is by shooting the blue glowing areas within its body, which will eventually explode, forcing the Lightning Dog off its host. Then it’s just a case of popping the Lightning Dog off with the shotgun.


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