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Games (VR)|Arizona Sunshine 2 Patch 1.1

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Posted on: Wednesday, Dec 20th 2023 - 1:28:pm

Vertigo Games finally released the first patch for Arizona Sunshine 2 (patch 1.1)

Post taken from the Steam Store - 20/12/2023

LIV Integration

  • Vertigo Games has added LIV support, allowing content creators to elevate the quality of their VR gaming experience.

QoL Updates

  • Balancing adjustments include shotguns dealing more damage at higher levels and a boost in grenade explosions.

  • We’ve also listened to your feedback and added a Toggle Grip option, reduced respawn delays, sorted co-op ammo issues, and improved zombie interactions.

  • From better climbing mechanics to smoother checkpoint experiences, we've fine-tuned everything from tooltips to cosmetics and weapon animations.

Finally, let’s have a look at the full patch notes:


  • Rebranded & rebalanced all 4 Difficulties, now having a dedicated screen for it, together with explanations of what to expect!

  • Magazines you'll find in the world won't always be fully filled with rounds on the higher difficulties. You'll need to scavenge more whilst receiving less total ammo!

  • The highest difficulty spikes have been smoothed out whilst still roughly keeping their original feel. Noticeable changes are the ‘SUNSET RIDERS’ end fight & both the ‘OOPS’ bridge & end fight.

  • Configured Fungus Counts per difficulty with our brand new system, greatly increasing how much fungus spawns on Survival & Apocalypse.

  • The new difficulties are called ‘Story, Adventure, Survival, Apocalypse’. We recommend most players that have prior VR experience to try out Survival!

  • ‘Story’ is meant for players that want to experience the campaign without too much threat or challenge - allowing you to focus on the story and play fetch with Buddy!

  • ‘Adventure’ is for those new to VR. You might like some challenge but prefer it to still be balanced in your favor.

  • ‘Survival’ is how we’ve always envisioned Arizona Sunshine 2 to be experienced. This is the recommended difficulty for those that have prior VR experience.

  • ‘Apocalypse’ is for those that want a hardcore zombie experience. You’ll have to scavenge every nook and cranny to get by and will be dead in just a few hits.

Toggle Grip

  • Added a new Grip Mode option. You can now select ‘Toggle Grip’ within your Settings!

  • Toggle Grip will keep your weapon stuck to your hand even after you stop pressing down on the Grip button.

  • Dropping weapons entirely - for example to share them with your co-op partner - can be done by pressing on the bottom face button for 1 second.


  • Changed the Tommy Gun to use rifle ammo instead of pistol ammo, as to make it a more viable option!

  • Health regen is now fixed for all difficulties, preventing the red 'throbbing' vignette from staying on at higher difficulties if you couldn't find any food.

  • Made the Shotgun deal more damage on higher difficulties, now allowing you to still one-shot zombies when you’re close enough!

  • Reduced the Penetration Force of Shotguns, preventing one pellet from going through 5 zombies at a time.

  • Made the M67 Frag Grenade have a bigger explosion radius, whilst slightly reducing the Stick Grenade’s radius.

  • Zombies’ Attack Impact Fraction should now better match their animations, preventing unfair situations where you'd get damage before the zombie visually hits you.

  • Dynamic ammo Spawning will no longer kick-in as hard when you start running out, preventing some of the fully-stacked ammo crates you would find from time to time.

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Added LIV support allowing content creators to better capture their experience!

  • Reduced the respawn delay after dying, now allowing you to reload the level earlier.

  • Fixed the co-op player losing resources and ammo in co-op after a level load.

  • Fixed co-op players spawning at the start of the level after a checkpoint had been loaded.

  • Fixed zombie ragdolls breaking after playing for a long time.

  • Fixed doors not being able to be properly opened due to zombie bodies.

  • Added tooltips to the settings menu to better explain what each option changes.

  • Added a dedicated menu where you can scroll through all your available cosmetics!

  • Fixed snapping points for climbing sections in various levels.

  • Fixed the bloom post processing effect for all Steam versions.

  • Fixed items sometimes not dropping in manual grip mode when releasing the grip button.

  • Fixed when zombies fell down they sometimes used the wrong stand up animation.

  • Fixed Buddy sometimes still wearing his equipment during the hospital cutscene.

  • Fixed the toy helicopter causing your hand to move in slow motion.

  • Fixed that crafted items were not properly saved in checkpoints.

  • Fixed the ammo belt not properly re-enabling after a checkpoint in the level ‘BAD DOG’.

  • Fixed that zombies would already be banging on the windows when entering the gas station.

  • Fixed the orientation of the minigun when the other player was holding it in co-op.

  • Fixed players spawning in the same exact location in the level “BAD DOG’ in co-op.

  • Fixed not all waves properly triggering when dying and reloading the checkpoint in the level ‘BEST FRIENDS FOREVER’.

  • Fixed selection circle lagging behind when holding a grenade.

  • Fixed the heating effect of the minigun. It now only heats up the barrels instead of the entire front part.

  • Fixed not being able to climb back up when respawning at the checkpoint on top of the gas station.

  • Fixed parts of the Canyon culling in the level ‘OOPS’ when Buddy is searching for a weapon.

  • Fixed the gun sometimes not equipping when pressing grip with ‘equip on no target’ enabled.

  • Fixed the ‘Back to menu’ button not working in the score results screen when playing single-player horde mode.

  • Fixed screen staying red when dying in co-op and getting the ‘waiting for players’ screen.

  • Fixed container door handles that were hard to grab in the level ‘CHOO-CHOO, MOTHERF*CKERS’.

  • Fixed offline players not being able to connect to the local server in cases when loading a level happens twice within a second.

  • Fixed zombie animation when they’re hit by a blunt weapon on the legs.

  • Fixed lobby screen not showing correct region when game started without internet access.

  • Fixed PlayStation 5 host not showing the joined player in the lobby screen.

  • Fixed drum-based weapons (e.g. revolver) not always closing by flicking it.

  • Fixed player getting stuck in the void after loading a level in co-op occasionally.

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