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Games (VR)|What is a Fred?

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Posted on: Saturday, Sep 30th 2023 - 7:40:am

Hey Fred... come and get it

In the relentless Arizona desert, where the sun beats down and the undead roam freely, there's a term that often gets tossed around when referring to these relentless adversaries—'Fred.' Yes, you heard that right; the menacing zombies in Arizona Sunshine 2 have been affectionately dubbed 'Freds' by our dark-humored protagonist. But don't be fooled by the playful moniker; these 'Freds' are anything but friendly.

A Playful Nickname for the Undead

As I ventured deeper into the sun-soaked wasteland of Arizona Sunshine 2, the frequent use of the name 'Fred' by our Lone Survivor added a touch of dark humor to an otherwise dire situation. It's as if our hero had found a way to cope with the chaos by giving the undead a mundane name.

Battling 'Freds' with Buddy

As you navigate the treacherous terrain of Arizona Sunshine 2, you'll encounter hordes of 'Freds.' These aren't your typical slow-moving zombies; they come at you with relentless determination. Yet, with the assistance of your trusty companion, Buddy, the battles against 'Freds' take on a unique twist.

Buddy, the loyal canine companion, is by your side throughout your journey. While he may not be able to fully comprehend the dire circumstances, Buddy proves to be an invaluable ally. He assists you in locating essential items and adds an extra layer of strategy to your confrontations with 'Freds.' Whether it's alerting you to approaching undead or simply offering companionship in the darkest moments, Buddy's presence adds depth to the gameplay.

Flame Thrower vs. 'Freds'

In the world of Arizona Sunshine 2, firearms aren't your only option for dealing with 'Freds.' Enter the flamethrower—a fiery spectacle that turns encounters with the undead into a pyrotechnic extravaganza. Watching 'Freds' succumb to the searing flames adds a unique thrill to the gameplay.

The flamethrower's introduction emphasizes the developers' dedication to making Arizona Sunshine 2 a memorable experience. It's not just about surviving; it's about doing so in style while engaging in thrilling battles with 'Freds' that make your heart race.

The Machete Melee

If the flamethrower isn't your preferred choice for dispatching 'Freds,' there's always the trusty machete. Close-quarters combat with these relentless adversaries becomes a dance of blades and undead limbs. The machete offers a visceral and satisfying means of dispatching 'Freds' who dare to get too close.

A Zombie Shooter Like No Other

Arizona Sunshine 2 has earned its reputation as one of the best VR zombie shooters to date. While the name 'Fred' adds a hint of levity to the game's grim atmosphere, the relentless nature of these adversaries keeps you on your toes. The thrill of battling 'Freds,' whether with flamethrowers, machetes, or firearms, is an experience that's both exhilarating and unforgettable.

Embrace the 'Freds'

So, as you plunge headfirst into the sun-soaked, zombie-infested world of Arizona Sunshine 2, remember the name 'Fred.' These undead adversaries may have a playful name, but their relentless pursuit and formidable numbers will test your survival skills to the limit. Embrace the challenge, make use of Buddy's assistance, wield the flamethrower and machete with skill, and confront the 'Freds' head-on. Only then can you truly appreciate the unique blend of dark humor and heart-pounding action that defines this exceptional VR zombie shooter.

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