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BeswinVR Pistol - Virtual Reality Gun

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Review by: MAP
Posted on: Apr 19, 2020
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BeswinVR Pistol  for Virtual Reality 

There has been an explosion of Virtual Reality products in the last couple of years. One such product, relatively new to the market, is the Beswin VR Pistol. This device is compatible with the latest Pistol Whip VR game, so we decided to put it through its paces and gave it a go.


When we took the device out of the packaging, we were immediately impressed with how it felt in our hands and how well built the pistol body is. It has a rechargeable battery, which we loved as we could put it on charge during the day when we weren't using it and it would be fully charged for our evening of gaming.

There's an HTC Vive tracker mount on top of the pistol (the 2.0 2018 version), but the Vive tracker itself did not come with our order, we had to order this separately. The Vive tracker does the job of bringing objects into VR worlds. It is shaped as a disc and easily attaches to accessories, such as this pistol, and maps its movement input for your VR experience. This pistol uses the Pro 2.0 tracker, which offers 10x10m room space tracking.

BeswinVR pistol chart

The device weighs 1lb and felt solid in our hands, which is good for making the pistol feel like the real thing whilst gaming. It wasn’t too heavy after extended use either. The pistol has a recoil on and off switch for your preference, and when it is switched on, it offers a strong recoil. You can even have two of these pistols to use with games such as the John Wick VR in dual pistol mode.

Ease of Use

We found this pistol really easy to use and quick to set up once we had our compatible HTC Vive tracker. There was also game support for the VR games that we tried out. We tried Contra VR, Battle for the Last Chicken, ZomDay, Overkill VR and Arizona Sunshine.

BeswinVR pistol games

We also worked out how to use the pistol as a controller in controller mode. For this, we needed to download some extra plug-ins. We then tested out the John Wick Chronicles, A-10, ZomDay and The NestVR. Other compatible games are under development too. It was a little tricky finding the right plug-ins to download, but once we had them, the rest was straightforward.

What we found was that, once it was all set up and running, it was easy to use. The pistol felt comfortable in our hands, rather like we imagined a real pistol would feel, but it wasn’t too heavy. As you can see, we tested it out with a lot of games and we didn’t end up suffering from too much gamer hand fatigue. The recoil was great, and if it became irritating, we simply flipped the switch and turned it off. 


There are quite a few gadgets for the VR world starting to come on to the market and this is one of the first of its kind. Is it perfect? No, there are a couple of downsides (such as needing to purchase the HTC Vive tracker separately and having to download plug-ins), but overall this gave us a great virtual reality shooting experience. 

Comments? We'd love to hear what you think about the BeswinVR Pistol. Post them in the comments section below...

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