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BOBOVR M2 Pro Head Strap

Compatible replacement head strap for the Oculus/Meta Quest 2

Oculus / Meta Quest Accessories

VR Accessories|Meta Quest 2 BOBOVR M2 Pro Head Strap

Review by: Pedro
Posted on: Oct 21, 2023
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Over time, I've had my fair share of issues with the official elite strap for the Meta Quest 2, as have many others. This prompted me to explore third-party accessories, an area where BOBOVR shines. Recently, I've been putting their M2 Pro Strap to the test. How did it perform?

What's in the Box

Inside the box, you'll find the M2 Pro strap, an additional strip of fabric for added support on the top of your head (in case you prefer it over halo head straps), and a battery that attaches to the back of the head strap for extended gaming sessions. They also include an extra USB-C to USB-C cable for charging the battery pack.

M2 Pro strap Box Contents

Attaching to the HMD

Attaching the M2 Pro strap to the Meta Quest 2 is straightforward. Simply remove the faceplate and the current strap, then slide the grips on the M2 Pro strap halfway down the Quest 2's arms. Hook the fabric on the front of the head strap through the loop in the middle of the HMD, leaving about a 2cm gap. Place the faceplate back on, and you're ready to go.

If you opt for additional support for the top of your head, you should do this before attaching the faceplate. First, remove the current piece of fabric by taking off the pad from the front of the strap. Replace it with the front of the extra strip of fabric you received and put the pad back on. Complete the process by hooking it to the HMD. Afterward, you can remove the pad at the back of the strap and attach the other end of the strip there.


The primary advantage of the M2 Pro strap is the enhanced comfort it offers. Made from durable ABS plastic, it provides a sturdy and comfortable fit. Even if you prefer not to use the halo strap, which is my case, it has additional arms and padding to alleviate pressure on your forehead.

Achieving the perfect comfort level may take some adjustments initially, but once you get it right for your head, it's the most comfortable head strap for the Quest 2. The added benefit of the battery pack not only extends your playtime but also serves as a counterweight, further enhancing comfort.

Testing the Product

To thoroughly assess the M2 Pro strap, I tested it with various types of games, including shooters, active games, and seated experiences. This allowed me to evaluate comfort during both stationary and active gaming and test the battery attachment's stability.

Regarding the battery, my initial concern about it detaching due to magnets while moving quickly was quickly dispelled. The magnets are strong enough to keep it securely attached during even the most intense movements. With the battery attached, you'll get approximately three extra hours of playtime on the Quest 2, extending it to around five hours. However, when casting or recording gameplay, it provided about four hours instead of five.

Comfort is the M2 Pro strap's standout feature. It offers excellent support and weight distribution, ensuring comfort during various types of movement in your play space. It particularly shines during active games, maintaining a secure and comfortable fit throughout.

Various battery attachments

Following my experience with the official Elite strap breaking, the M2 Pro Strap from BOBOVR has been a remarkable replacement. It excels in comfort, support, and battery life. If you're in need of a new head strap, I highly recommend this one.


The M2 Pro is an upgraded version of BOBOVR's original Halo strap, featuring a removable and swappable rear battery solution. The battery pack weighs just 141 grams and has a capacity of 5200mAh, providing around three extra hours of playtime on the Meta Quest 2. You can purchase additional battery packs separately to further extend your playtime.

Charging Performance

The battery charges rapidly at 15W, and in practice, it charged from 4% to 19% in about 20 minutes during gameplay. On standby, it reached 42% in 1 hour, 82% in 2 hours, and fully charged in just under 3 hours. The four LEDs on the battery indicated that it had some charge left even after full charging.

The battery attaches securely to the back of the head strap via magnets and serves as a counterweight, enhancing comfort. Its weight is negligible, and removing it reduces the strap's weight to 245 grams, just slightly heavier than the original M2 strap from BOBOVR.

Loose Cabling

The included braided USB-C cable is generously long but could be slightly shorter to reduce slack around the left ear. Routing the cable through a hidden side hook behind the left-side headband arm is recommended, although better cable management options would be appreciated for a neater appearance.

Padding Upgrades

BOBOVR has upgraded the top headband pads, making them thicker and wider for better weight distribution at the top of your head. The front and rear pads have also been improved with different foam and surface materials, enhancing comfort.


The M2 Pro strap offers superior comfort due to its sturdy build and additional support features. It's a substantial upgrade over the standard strap that comes with the Quest 2, particularly for users who find halo straps more comfortable.

While the M2 Pro excels in comfort, the rear pad design may not work perfectly for everyone, especially during active gaming sessions. Some users may experience the strap riding up the back of their head. Additional padding or modifications may be necessary to achieve a perfect fit.

Comfortable strap

In summary, the BOBOVR M2 Pro strap combines enhanced comfort, extended playtime, and build quality, making it an excellent choice for Quest 2 owners looking to upgrade their head strap.

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