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Batteries for VR Controllers

Find out which battery is best for your game controller

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VR Accessories|Controller Batteries

Review by: MAP
Posted on: May 19, 2020
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Batteries for VR Controllers

Everyone knows the endurance of the Duracell Bunny. With power and longevity, Duracell Plus AA and AAA batteries provide reliable and long-lasting energy to power your VR controllers and all your other devices with up to 50 percent more power than most other batteries. The iconic Duracell battery and its famous Bunny have been offering high performance batteries for over 50 years. In 1969, Duracell was part of the Apollo 11 mission and became the first battery on the moon. Manufactured in Belgium, the Duracell battery is available in AA, AAA, C, D, 4.5 V and 9 V sizes. Although Duracell batteries are relatively cheap, they can only be used once. If you're after a cost effective alternative, then choose a rechargeable battery.

Alkaline batteries

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But wait! - There something better..

Although Duracell alkaline batteries generally last longer than most batteries, they are perceived better value because they outlast nearly every other alkaline battery out there, and although initially cheap, doesn't mean they're the best choice, or that they are the superior battery! Did you know the up-front cost of a rechargeable battery is roughly seven times more expensive than a single use alkaline battery... however, over a rechargeable battery’s lifespan, single use batteries would be over 200 times more expensive. So... are rechargeable batteries better value? Yes.

If you're not initially shy of a bob-or-two and don't mind splashing out now and saving over a longer period of time, we highly recommend the Eneloop Pro battery from Panasonic. They come in a variety of flavours depending on what device they're to be used in...

Check out the full review: 'best rechargeable battery'

Eneloop battery range The Eneloop Pro AA battery has a minimum 2500mAh, and a maximum 2550mAh per battery and can be charged up to 500 times. By switching to Eneloop, a single charger makes it possible to charge a year’s worth of batteries! Check out our Black Friday VR accessories section, you may get a better deal.

Okay, I'm sure you've heard many times... rechargeable batteries don't hold their charge right, and yes, that's normally the case, however, these batteries are very different. The Eneloop Pro are high capacity and are therefore most suitable for devices that have medium to high power requirements. Amazingly, the Eneloop Pro batteries should still have up to 85% remaining capacity even after a full year without use!

Without a doubt - Eneloop offer some of the best rechargeable batteries in their class; available in the popular sizes - AA and AAA, the perfect size for many standard game and VR controllers.

Just know that the Eneloop Pros battery isn't cheap, they're almost twice as much as AmazonBasics or Energizer rechargeable batteries, but in our opinion are far superior.

Eneloop Pro rechargeable batteries

The EBL Battery charger and Eneloop Pros battery packBuy the EBL charger from Amazon

Have you got a favourite battery that you use in your VR Controller?

Why not tell us a little more - add your comment in the box below...

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