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Stress Level Zero - Game Developer

Founded in 2014

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Stress Level Zero

Ginge reviews Stress Level Zero
Review by: Ginge
Posted on: Apr 13, 2020
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About Stress Level Zero

CEO Brandon Laatsch, the owner of Stress Level Zero formed the company in 2014 with a popular gaming channel called Node. They're a dedicated team of about fifteen, who love everything there is to do with gaming. According to Laatsch, everyone at Stress Level Zero must be self-driven, and there is no room for anyone who doesn’t want to learn new skills and programs. They still approach their work like students and spend the majority of their waking hours playing games, improving on the games they've already created, and developing new ones.

Stress Level Zero is a small game development company. Currently they only have three VR titles under their belt; Hover Junkers, which was released on Steam in April 2016, Duck Season, released in June 2019. Their latest creation is Boneworks, launched in February 2020.

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Stress Level Zero : VR Game titles

For a truly immersive VR gaming experience, check out the list of gaming titles developed by Stress Level Zero.

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Stress Level Zero

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