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Ready at Dawn Studios - Game Developer

Founded in 2003

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Ready at Dawn Studios

Pedro reviews Ready at Dawn Studios
Review by: Pedro
Posted on: May 05, 2020
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About Ready at Dawn

Ready At Dawn Studios is an American video game developer located in Irvine, California. Ready At Dawn Studios was founded in 2003 by Ru Weerasuriya, Andrea Pessino, Didier Malenfant, and former members of the Sony Computer Entertainment subsidiary Naughty Dog and Blizzard Entertainment, and since then has remained a proudly independent team of game developers.

Ready At Dawn Studios features a well-lit open environment, allowing for quick iteration and discussion of ideas between employees.

Ready At Dawn Development Studio

Ready At Dawn are currently creating games for both AAA console and virtual reality audiences. In the past they have primarily worked on games for the PlayStation Portable (PSP), on critically-acclaimed titles such as Daxter, God of War: Chains of Olympus, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Okami (Wii port), The Order: 1886 (Sony PS4), Deformers (PC, PS4, Xbox One) and most recently, the award winning game Lone Echo, a VR game dedicated to the Oculus Rift. Ready At Dawn’s technological innovations, its reputation for excellence in artistry and design, and its combined experience developing blockbuster franchises, ensure the studio will continue to raise player expectations.

Games and release dates

Ready At Dawn Studios released their very first game, Daxter, in March 2006. Their second PlayStation Portable (PSP) game, released on March 4th 2008 was God of War: Chains of Olympus as well as a Nintendo Wii port of Okami, with added motion controls. 

Daxter game

In June 2008 it was confirmed that Ready At Dawn had ceased developing games for the PSP and that they'd returned the relevant development kits to Sony. Their next game, released on November 2nd, 2010, was God of War: Ghost of Sparta, co-developed with Sony's Santa Monica Studio for the PlayStation Portable, with their new proprietary engine. 

On September 13th, 2011, Ready At Dawn released the God of War: Origins Collection for the Sony PlayStation 3. This collection is a port of their two God of War games for the PSP, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, to the PlayStation 3 with some impressive high-definition graphics, DualShock 3 gamepad support, Trophies, and Stereoscopic 3D, the first God of War release to support this feature.

God of War: Origins Collection

On February 20, 2015, Ready At Dawn released The Order: 1886, a third-person action-adventure game. In June the same year, Ru Weerasuriya, the founder of the company, announced that his position as CEO will be replaced by Paul Sams and he would step down to become the company's president and CCO (chief creative officer). 

On July 20th, 2017, Ready At Dawn released Lone Echo, a single player, puzzle, sci-fi adventure; and Echo Arena, a multiplayer VR game exclusively for the Oculus Rift. Lone Echo was nominated for "Best VR/AR Game" at The Game Awards 2017, for "Best VR Game" at Destructoid's Game of the Year Awards 2017, and for "Best VR Experience" at IGN's Best of 2017 Awards.

Lone Echo, sci-fi adventure game

On November 15th, 2018, Ready At Dawn released Echo Combat, a first-person sci-fi shooter Downloadable Content (DLC) using the same zero-g movement found in Echo Arena.

Currently in development, Ready At Dawn’s latest game Lone Echo 2, is the sequel to Lone Echo. The launch of Lone Echo 2 was expected in March 2020, but was delayed as many of the key game developers had to work from home due to the Coronavirus. You can still, however, take a sneaky look at what to expect. On September 26th 2018, Ready At Dawn released the 'Lone Echo 2: Trailer Experience'. It's available as a free download from the Oculus store. The trailer experience offers a glimpse into the highly anticipated sequel Lone Echo 2. Here’s the link to the free game on the Oculus Store - Download 'Lone Echo 2: Trailer Experience'.

Lone Echo 2

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Ready at Dawn Studios

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