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Half-Life: Alyx - How to beat Jeff | Ultimate Walkthrough

An easy, step-by-step guide on the best way to beat and defeat Jeff in Chapter 7 'Jeff' (the distillery)

Posted by Pedro
Posted by: Pedro
Posted: Aug 14, 2020
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How to Beat Jeff

Chapter 7 ‘Jeff’

In Half-Life: Alyx, Jeff lives in and patrols the distillery, protecting his territory from trespassers. He’s a formidable enemy who is completely blind, but has super hearing and a very good sense of smell… and don’t even think about using your weapons on him, you’ll just be wasting precious ammo, as he’s bullet-proof! He's not a pretty chap, Jeff has four large growths on his back that spurt out Xen spores. Simply put, he’s one nasty piece of work!

Distracting Jeff

Bottles play a crucial part in Chapter 7 ‘Jeff’. The bottles aren’t really a weapon as such, but act as a tool used for distracting this colossal zombie-like creature. Jeff is one of toughest enemies you’ll encounter in the game - relentlessly attacking you at every opportunity.

Because Jeff has an acute hearing ability, he can quickly track you down and kill you in a blink of an eye. Your tool; ‘Bottles’. Throw the bottles to make noise and divert Jeff from your vicinity in order to complete the tasks and make it through to the next chapter. There're a plentiful amount of bottles scattered throughout the distillery, so you shouldn't run out. You can even store bottles in your wrist pockets and use one when you feel it’s necessary.

How many Resins are there in Chapter 7 'Jeff'?

There are a total of 29 resin pucks in Chapter 7 'Jeff'.

Chapter 7 ‘Jeff’ - Tips

  • Beat Jeff with these handy tips and advice
  • Quick save before you start any new section or puzzle.
  • There are a lot of Xen spore clouds to avoid, mostly from Jeff's back, so make sure you have a hand at the ready, unless you have the mask.
  • Always have a bottle at the ready.
  • Move around frequently.
  • Listen for footsteps, Jeff is heavy-footed, so you'll know when he's getting close.
  • Leave items such as batteries at the foot of the ladder. Collect them last from the safety of the ledge above
  • Again! Please save frequently, before and after each objective.

Chapter 7 ‘Jeff’ - The Walkthrough

Tasks and Objectives

Face to Face - first encounter

After meeting Larry (member of the resistance) and after your second discussion, it’s not long before you come across a large garage door. This is where you first meet Jeff. The garage door can only be opened with both hands. The door makes a sound and Jeff loves sound! You’ll probably die on your first go at opening it, but if you’re quick enough you can back away as he charges in and slip under a crawl space to the left. Remember, Jeff is quick off the mark and will immediately engage with any noise. So with that in mind, grab yourself a bottle of voddy and throw it away from the entrance, distracting Jeff and running (or teleporting) past him, through the garage door you just opened, heading left. 

Run to the far end and grab the resin from the shelf to the left. Grab a bottle ready to distract Jeff. Try and throw it to the end of the corridor. When Jeff runs after it, quickly and jump onto the crates, drop through the window and into the loading bay room.

How to beat Jeff

Loading Bay: The Freezer 

Ignore the wheel for now, that comes later. Don’t miss out on the resin block in the large freezer. Quickly nip in there and grab it, along with a bottle or two. Go back to the room with the wheel and toss a bottle into the freezer. This will lure Jeff into the freezer. Once in, slide the door shut and pull down the locking mechanism. Now Jeff's locked away, head towards the sink. There's a hole in the wall to the right where you'll find a resin puck.

Locking Jeff in the freezer

Power box

With Jeff safely locked away, turn the wheel to open the garage door. You’ll need to turn it all the way until you hear it lock in place. Now, enter the room and press the red button. Now! Enter the area to the right. As you begin to explore there’s a power cut, “Damn it! Powers out!” Never mind, your wrist torch automatically lights up.

You need to connect it using your Multi-tool. Use the tool in the normal manner to trace the origin. As you follow the wiring you end up at the freezer door. That’s right the final connection is in the freezer… with Jeff! SAVE'. Prepare yourself and grab a bottle, then lift the catch and throw your distraction for Jeff. Continuing with the Multi-tool (whilst grabbing another bottle with your non-dominant hand), you’ll end up tracing the wire to a loudspeaker, sounding an alarm… watch out, Jeff’s about! 'SAVE'. Quickly turn the junction again (turning off the speaker) and throw the bottle away from you. You may need to grab another bottle, tossing it into the open room, as you finish tracing the final connection to complete the circuit.

Circuit path to the loudspeaker

Once you've completed the circuit, exit the freezer, turning right and running straight towards the elevator door you just opened. Now crawl into the elevator. Jeff can't get in so don't worry. Again, using your Multi-tool, complete the circuit working left, to the opposite end. It's a little tricky, as you can only go so far because there are boxes and barrels obstructing your path - so to finish off the connection you'll need to get closer to Jeff, then slip between the gap on the right to finish the connection. Once connected, Jeff will come into the room and the elevator gate will shut behind him, locking you in with Jeff - that's okay, just wait a little. 'SAVE'.

Sneaking up behind Jeff

Sneak up behind Jeff and press the red button to get the elevator moving then return to the corner for safety while Jeff totally loses his rag on a rogue Headcrab; then dash out through the elevator door, heading left when it opens. Squeeze between the crates while throwing bottles back into the room, then walk across the wooden planks onto the metal catwalk outside.

Walk across planks

Jeff will follow, so be quick to get through the door and don’t waste your time trying to close them behind you - Jeff will just knock them down. Carry on until you reach a fenced corridor. You'll see a Headcrab hanging about, ignore it, it will climb up a vent shaft. Head to the left, entering a small power cabinet, once out immediately turn to your right, climbing onto a mound of trash, then climb out on top. Cross the wooden plank to the opposite side, then drop down and collect two resin pucks from a yellow crate.

walk across plank and collect the resin

After climbing back up, go back across the plank and turn and look to your right. You should see a large hole in the wall. As you enter collect the resin from your immediate right (it's between some pipes), being cautious as you will come across some Bloaters. Next, drop down to the section below. Upon exiting the hole you’ll end up on another catwalk platform that looks down over the distillery tank. At this point, Russell kicks in, offering his usual, somewhat handy advice.

Large hole in wall

battery power receptacle

Essentially, you'll need to collect three batteries, which you'll use to unlock the giant vaulted door on the ground. There’re two resin pucks down there, so you may as well pick-em up now in case you forget later. Climb down the ladder and collect the one from the yellow crate to your left. The other puck is through the opening to the left. There’re also some wooden ammo crates down there. Done that? Right back up the ladder. Now let’s get those batteries...

It's bad news! You need to face Jeff again, that’s the only way you’re going to get those batteries. From the top of the platform go through the door, it should be half open. Go down a few stairs and shoot the padlock on the next door, then jump down into the old part of the distillery. First things first. Get the mask! Jeff spits out a lot of spores, so it’s a handy thing to have. Avoiding Jeff, head forward and to the right, ensuring you have a bottle to hand. You should come to a door with broken glass. Reach through and clear the chair that's preventing the door from opening. Jeff will probably be alerted by the sound, so use the bottle. You're going to spend a few minutes here so be ready for when Jeff comes back. Head to the far right, open the red cabinet draw, which contains a facemask - there'es also one on the other side of the room, on the floor. Grab it and put it on. Next, just to the left by the red cabinet, get the resin from the concertina-type draw. Now head to the opposite side of the room.

Battery 1

Door lock and mask in cabinet

In the same room, on the opposite side at the far end, there’s a concertina-type draw, where you’ll find a battery. Before you open it make sure you have a bottle ready, as there are noisy snapping Xen coral in there. Quickly open and snatch the battery, using the bottle as a distraction for when Jeff re-enters the room. Place the battery in your wrist pocket. There’re also plenty of goodies in this room. You can either get them now, or come back later once you’ve got rid of Jeff. Okay! One down, two to go... right! Now where’s Jeff?

Battery/Power cell

At this point you can either go back up where you came from, using the sliding ladder, but you’ll need to pull it down every time to climb it, which makes a noise, attracting Jeff. Alternatively, leave any batteries you collect at the bottom of the ladder, or throw them onto the platform above and then later on use your gravity gloves to collect them. 

Battery 2

Wheel mechanism to open gate

Okay, battery number two. If you come out of the room where you picked up the mask and first battery, head straight and to your right until you see the second battery behind a gate, along with a piece of resin and a box of shotgun shells. You need to use the gravity gloves to flick the battery and other items towards you, although you won't be able to grab them just yet. Grab the wheel and slide it through the rebar into its slot. You won’t be able to rotate it fully, but just enough for everything to roll out and pass under the gap at the bottom of the gate. May I also point out, there’s a resin block to the right of the wheel in a blue crate, and another piece of resin, almost hidden behind some bottles within a cage. You’ll make a lot of noise getting this one, so have a bottle ready for Jeff. Use your gravity glove to flick the resin away from the bottles, then lean in through the cage hole and pick it up with the gravity gloves. Okay. Now go back and place the battery into the second power receptacle or leave it at the foot of the ladder.

Battery 3

Hole in wall containing a battery pack

The final battery is behind a brick wall. The opening is easy enough to spot, as there’s light emanating from it. First, quietly move the crate that’s obstructing the opening - paying close attention to Jeff. There’s a Barnacle protecting the area, so as you grab the battery the Barnacle will grab it - then shortly after spit it out. You can then grab the final battery.

Install the batteries and open the Vault

Pulling down a lever

Now you have all the batteries, place them in the power cell receptacles then head down the ladder to the Vault. Attempt to open the Vault by pulling down on the red-handled lever on the left side of the machine. The machine makes enough noise to enrage Jeff, grab a bottle because he’s about to burst through a door directly behind you. Distract Jeff and get into the room he came from.

Rubbish compactor

Go up the small set of steps to the left and jump over the railing. You’ll find a resin puck in the box at the end. Now go back, but making your way through the side gap. Using a bottle or two, lure Jeff into the rubbish compactor. Once he’s in, lock the compactor by lifting the handle on the left of the machine. Trapped! Heehe.. Collect a second resin from the galvanised wheelie bin. Next, find the yellow box and grab another piece of resin.

Now Jeff's totally trapped once and for all, but wait, should he die? Does he deserve to? It’s up to you, you can leave him to bang out the rest of his life or… you can crush him! What will it be? Do you activate the trash compactor to finally eliminate him? … Your choice.

Press the red button and it's goodbye Jeff!

I hope you found this Walkthrough helpful and you had a smashing time!

Vodka for Russell… Hell no!

Do you remember the conversation Russell (NPC) had with you regarding Vodka and how he enjoys the odd slurp? Well many Half-Life fanatics do.

Russell asks you to grab him a bottle of Vodka, expecting you to carry it through entire maps just to satisfy his need for a tipple, should you ever meet up later on. It’s hard work, takes a lot of dedication, and it reduces your carrying capacity, however it bears no fruit! All your weapons and other worldly possessions are zapped away from you - later on when you enter the Vault. Disappointing, although there is a sense of achievement if you actually manage to do it, but no cigar I’m afraid.

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