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DecaGear Release Date - Q4 of 2021

The latest updates on the shipping date of the highly anticipated DecaGear headset

Posted by Pedro
Posted by: Pedro
Posted: Feb 16, 2021
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Expected Release Date

Back in October 2020 during an exclusive interview on YouTube, Megadodo Games originally stated that they intended to ship the first batch of the DecaGear VR system in late May 2021, however, their website ( now shows the shipping date of the first batch of headsets to be Q4 of 2021, so expect the release to be sometime between October and December 2021. Don’t feel hard done by because of this. This extension will undoubtedly provide the company with more time to fully test the headset and - you never know - it’s quite possible they'll improve some of its features, such as the Field of View (FOV), controller tracking and the DecaAir wireless gaming accessory.

New Orders

For those of you unfortunate to secure your order for the first batch of headsets, you can join the waitlist for the second batch and pre-order the DecaGear VR headset here. You probably won't receive the headset until Q3 of 2022, so sometime between July and September. The pre-order will include a DecaGear 1 VR system, which comprises of two controllers and the DecaMove, hip navigational device.

The first batch of the DecaGear VR 1 headset is scheduled for shipping in Q4 of 2021 - between October and December. Megadodo Games will provide us with an update sometime during October.

DecaGear release date

For those interested in the DecaGear VR headset, and want to keep updated about the headset release, shipment and delivery date, simply subscribe to our website and follow this article and you’ll be notified as and when things change. We don’t send e-junk, so you won’t get bombarded with emails either.

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DecaGear Release Date - Q4 of 2021